There has been several comments on the thread alluding to the fact that we need to get over the fact that we are no longer young and no longer as attractive to society, oh that is so true, we don’t have youth on our side, we aren’t “attractive” in the way youth and society would like us, but what we don’t expect is to be considered past it or put down by certain men of our generation who for some reason seem to think that they are still the bee’s knees!!!!
We can and are still attractive and sexy in our own right, it may not be your cup of tea it may not be what you consider sexy or attractive but it doesn’t give you the right to treat us as if we don’t exist and all too often women over 50 are treated as if they don’t have anything worth while to contribute because they are no longer deemed to be attractive or sexy.
So yes older women are fighting back and letting you know that we aren’t going to crawl into the woodwork because we have grown older and not as perky as we once were but we are still here we are still attractive and sexy to some people and for those that aren’t attracted to us that’s ok but don’t put us down or ignore us for not being young and sexy!!!!

I have over the last few years been on nilla sites and played around with my age, especially on sites for older mature dating, and when l put my age to 49 oh my word my inbox is over flowing but then l put in my real age and it all stops yet l have the same pics same profile the only difference is the age.
I have then sent winks or buzzes to the same men who approached me at 49 but at 55 they have not even bothered to answer back.
This does suggest to me that older men are more judgmental when it comes youth and beauty and its ok for them to turn 50+ but its not for a woman…
See l really do have a bee in my bonnet about how women are perceived once they hit 50, either your past it or a cougar and both are not really who we are they are stereo-types, and it seems we have to fit into what people think we should be…
Some young people have an aversion to seeing older people naked and displaying all there wrinkles and laugh at those that do??? Why just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that person is any less attractive in there own right and someone will find them hot and sexy be they 18 or 80!!!

Recently the whole nation (ok a bit of an exaggeration) on the X Factor a older lady stripped down revealing her stockings and stuff and it was treated as one big joke not because she had taken her clothes off but because she wasn’t young and she wasn’t traditionally pretty and it made people uneasy….
Yet some pretty young thing doing the same thing and everyone loves it..
Although granted it was a bloody awful audition 😉 but she was ridiculed and laughed at for doing something that young ones do and people applaud….

So for all those out there who seem to think that getting older means we are no longer hot sexy and fun watch out because we have serious attitude and we know how to use it………….


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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