family & the net

The interweb has given people wonderful opportunities it’s not only mind boggling but breath taking in how since WWW came into common use that it’s only been 20yrs.

We are still learning how to deal with the net both good and bad, plus I doubt when in its infancy anyone could possibly envisage what it is today.

We were doing the family thing and talking how society has changed tremendously especially relationships and how people interact.

There has been a over a 150% rise in first date rapes which brought us to discussing how best to prepare our children for communicating and dating via the net.

So a few things that are already in place when getting mobile phone all passwords are accessable at all times, any pictures sent or received will be saved to a cloud account which they don’t get to access until a parent puts in the password hopefully stopping being too adult too soon.

But this is the main one everyone they talk too online will be verified, if it’s a friend who parents know not an issue but anyone who wants to talk to them regularly then they will be expected to facetime and for the parent to see who they are talking too.

All it would be a simple ” if you & my daughter/son wish to continue talking get your mum/dad” to facetime with us for a moment just so we know who we all are.”

Get them into a mindset where no varifacation visually no friendship. Get your child to understand anyone on line who won’t show themselves but only pictures is to be blocked as a red flag warning.

As they get older obviously you can’t monitor as much but you can instill in them certain types of behaviour which signifies something is wrong.

Things like not facetiming/skyping when anyone else is around. Not wanting you to mention them to mum or dad, and most of all wanting to meet without anyone knowing.

Any person who genuinely wants to get to know you will happily let your mum dad or even sibling have a look at them real-time to varify that any pics sent or age told are true.
Any one who doesn’t want to do that doesn’t have your safety at heart

This is going to be instilled in my grandchildren in the same way good road safety is taught. By the time they start interweb dating hopefully like good manners it will be second nature to get them variefied.


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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