Last Thursday my 8yr old granddaughter got a “Head Teachers citizen award” now its only a school thing and 2 from each class got them.
But to us as a family this was like receiving the pride of Britain award and why is it such a big deal because my friends who know me know what she and her siblings have been through.
She had missed so much school that she was below average, she hadn’t bonded with the class because of the time she missed, she has been in 3 schools since starting, she and her siblings had moved 7 times in 14 months had lost everything as everytime mum moved her she left everything behind.
Dec 23rd last year my son who had been back home just over 12 months and during that time we constantly tried to get help for them and mum, they were known to social services but we were constantly told that he would have to go to court to get them and it was unlikely he would be granted residential order as they weren’t in there eyes at risk.
Well she abandoned them and went off in a drunken stupor eventually she committed her self and she was not diagnosed with a mental illness which was confirmed by follow up for court, what she has difficulty with is coping with several things at once she was offered all the help but never turned up.
Since my son got his 3 children who had nothing but the clothes they came in day before Christmas eve, but my friends family and my friends within the community (thank you Evi and team mars) they were ok.
In the new year he was blessed to be offered a new build home from our local housing association but he didn’t have so much as a cup and not one organisation was willing to help as he works but on a low income,
Child benefit and tax credits still being paid to mum took until April to get that sorted so my Ex husband who is not his dad and l got him a car for the school run furnished his home and funded the court costs, which resulted in him having the children full time the kids mum now has no responsibility so no pressure all she has to do is see them but yeah constantly lets them down but that’s for another time
Since my son has had his children they have not missed a day at school they have thrived, the youngest started in sept.
My granddaughter now is above average in her education, she has made friends, grown in confidence and has become a lovely generous caring member of the class it could have so easily gone the other way, so that is why this small certificate means the world to us because it shows that all the sacrifices have been worth it and now my granddaughter and her siblings have a future.


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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