I am fat, l am still fat mainly round the waist and belly, l have done this to myself because l couldn’t say no to that can of coke or that bar of chocolate, l can make up reasons and excuses until the cows come home but the reality is that l didn’t know when to say no….

There isn’t a reason you can give me for over eating that l haven’t told myself,
I am a comfort eater, l have justified my eating on every level, especially when life has been shit…

I was overweight and pretty healthy when l was younger sol didn’t feel the need to change…
I wasn’t breathless, l could play with my children, l could walk places granted l didn’t run much, but l could still dance and exercise.

So l continued eating drinking and smoking because hey l had all the time in the world to change and l wasn’t ill nor was l suffering any affects of my fat…

Then time ran out, l no longer have the option to make the changes to stop my health deteriorating because the day has arrived when my life style choices caught up with me.. Yes MY LIFE STYLE CHOICES because no one held me down and forced me to eat badly, no one forced me to comfort eat instead of finding a better way of dealing with what life had thrown at me…

All those years when l felt fit and healthy just an illusion it like an iceberg the tip looks beautiful but what is hidden beneath the surface is the dangerous part.

Being fat is like an iceberg on the surface you may well look healthy and you may well think you have all the time in the world to address any health issues when they arise…. Problem is when they arise its too late because the damage has been done beneath the surface….

So for a lot of you younger ones who feel that being overweight is never going to be a problem because your so fit now here is the reality of what being overweight has done to me…

I have to inject myself up to 6 times a day for type 2 diabetes plus the medication…
Type 2 diabetes is no joke its beginning to affect my eyesight l could be technically blind within 10 yrs or less if l don’t make changes, l will be on drops every day for the rest of my life.
I have my feet checked every 10 weeks because the slightest cut leaves me prone to major infection and ulcers which can and does result in gangrene and the loss of first your toes and eventually more…

Yet even now because l am not walking with a stick and l don’t expect to be running marathons at my age l am still perpetuating a myth that my weight isn’t responsible for my health issues but it is…

I have given up smoking am a yr stopped now, but sadly the damage is done and l will never be able to run again because my lung capacity is damaged.

Now l have to try and address the weight issue and its hard its bloody hard but l wish to god l had done it years ago not after a lifetime of indulgence when its become an ingrained habit.

I have to deal with things full on and not hide behind a wall of food hoping it will go away….

Its not easy and chances are l will fail again but l hope not as its not only about quality of life but it is now become a matter of life and death…..

I never thought this day would come, l thought l was going to live forever l believed because l felt sooo good nothing could go wrong well l got that so very wrong…. all because l didn’t think about my future health but then who does when your young and healthy…..


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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