Its hard to get worked up about some writing or some person who has offended your sensibilities of what you believe is right…
Its hard to get all passionate about saving the world or making major changes when your life has any or several of the things below…

A full time job
Health issues
Emotional/mental issue

Oh you still want to fight the good fight you still want to see society progress to something more tolerant and happiness for all but the reality is that most people don’t have the time to commit the way others can.

We may get along to the odd demo, we may get to sign the petitions, we may use our vote but when your a parent do you take the kids to football/dancing or a family day or do you spend the day fighting the good fight…

You want to advance in your career do you spend your time learning things to help that happen or do you fight the good fight?

Your having a bad day with your health do you rest and do what is best for your health or do you fight the good fight?

See people aren’t apathetic about wanting change but for a lot of us we can only do so much with the time and resources we have… and our own little world comes first, l will put my family and friends before any of your political agenda/issues every time but it doesn’t mean l don’t care it doesn’t mean l don’t support change but unless it actually affects my family and friends l am unlikely to join your crusade….

I can’t save everyone, l can’t feed the world but l can make changes to my world, l can support the causes l feel matter to me and my family the things that are relevant to us. I am not alone in feeling this way….

I can’t make domestic violence/sexual assault stop but l can educate my family in how to protect themselves and also how not to violate others…

Its not that l don’t care its not that l don’t support the changes and l have experience of all first hand but l am not going to put your causes before my family/friends yes l want to make sure that their world is safe but we are never going to have that Utopia…

See even if everyone became a good member of society you will still have a small % of those who don’t think the same oh for example like the paedophile, the sociopath neither conditions are treatable so you will never ever have the society where abuse doesn’t happen all we can do is educate our children to protect themselves and understand what it is to violate someone else and hopefully these small changes will make society a little better….

The reality is that all we can do is help those who are affected better resources and more education hoping that it will make some difference but you will never eradicate it, because some people just don’t think the same way and nothing will ever change that….

So l may not be an activist but like millions of others l try to make small changes that hopefully will eventually lead to a better place for everyone….

So you go and fight the good fight you go tell others how it should be done and how wrong society is….

but me l will quietly carry on doing what l can to make my world a better place for my family in the same way millions of other people do…..


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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