1 Don’t tell me l look good for my age or that l am wearing well its enough to say l look good you wouldn’t dream of saying to a younger person “my god you do look good for your age!”

2 You may think l am “over the hill” or past it but stop and think what it has taken for me to climb that hill.

3 When your trampling all over us over 50’s to get to the young things remember with out us over 50’s they would be no young things so show us some courtesy now and then..

4 Before you insult or ignore us stop think of your mum your dad your nana your granddad do you want them insulted or ignored?

5 We also have the right by god we have bloody earned the right to flash our bits, have hard rampant sex, and behave badly just like the young, it may not seem pretty to you it may make you go “yuck old people having sex and behaving badly” you may look at the females and think mutton dressed as lamb, but we can and are just as sexual because we have had about 40yrs of having sex to practise our techniques….

6 Don’t talk down to me because l don’t know the latest hit record or who’s who in the celebrity stakes, l may not always get to grips with the latest technologies but when it matters l will know how it feels to lose a loved one l will know how it feels to have a broken heart, l will know how to deal with most major events that happen in life because in over 50 yrs life has thrown just about everything you can think of at me to deal with….

7 Don’t tell me l don’t know what its like to be young today, l am a mother a grandmother do you not think l don’t take an interest in my families lives? Or what is happening in the world around me…

8 Don’t laugh at me or raise the eyebrows because I talk about how things have changed because it will happen to you sooner then you think…. Plus in over 50 years I have seen some radical changes that are worth talking about…

9 Oh and when your looking at that over 50’s person and thinking “I will never be like that” let me tell you every one of us over 50’s have at some point in our youth said that…

So when your out doing your shopping and a middle-aged or elderly person is holding you up, not walking fast enough, rabbiting on to the anyone who will listen about the state of things, or is just a pain in the butt just smile wait a moment and consider what they may have experienced to reach that grand old age because no one gets through life without it giving you one hell of a kicking many times over….



Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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