Its been a bit of a bitch this last 24hrs, we have had a bit of drama or as l call it life giving me and mine a kicking.
My sons ex and mother of 3 of my grandchildren has always had issues and 3 years ago my son was awarded the residential order and mum sees them often.
She has since gone on to have another baby with another partner in a volatile relationship, early hrs of Friday morning she deliberately fell 4 floors, she was lucky not to be killed but she is a very broken girl with a long road ahead and at this time we don’t know if she will walk again, now as much as she frustrates and piss me off l actually like her very much and she sees me as the mum she wished she had, so our relationship is like family and l just want her back being a pain.
Now because of this and the nature of the relationship with her current partner there child has been taken into care as this incident was the catalyst, so now we have to try and get contact visits for the siblings as my grandchildren are used to seeing her and they love her.
Then to just give us the final punch my lad received a letter from his doctor saying they need to talk to him about a letter they have received from Christies and its going to be Monday before he gets to talk to anyone and yes you remain positive but can’t help thoughts going to bad places.

Now l have written this not to whinge or poor us but when its all resolved l can look back and think yep we as a family and extended family got through this together.

Obviously there is a lot an awful lot of issues to be dealt with and seeing our cups half full isn’t going to be easy but holding onto to the love and commitment we will all get through this.

We almost lost our pain in the arse who has literally run out of goodwill from everyone but we will all be there supporting her because she is still family

Love yours regardless of them being the black sheep one day you will miss the aggro they cause…..


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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