Love, how do we define it? Can it be defined? Is love infinite?

Over the years I have had many discussions about love, and what I have found to be rather sad is that we put the love of a partner/s above any other love.

Our neverending quest to find the. ” One” as though it’s the only love worth having.

Yet all too often the “one” doesn’t last a lifetime but what does last a lifetime is a parent’s love, a child’s love, even at times we may hate what they have become we love them as they love us.

Friendships can and do last a lifetime yet it still surprises me when the “relationship” becomes more important then a lifelong friendship, funny I still have my female friends long after the men have left.

The romantic love relationship you may well love many over a lifetime and you will never feel the same about them but you certainly can feel the same kind of intensity.

For me the times I have truly been loved by a partner has been very rare, I have had many intense relationships of all kinds and l believe that I have loved completely, but I have also the biggest pair of rose tinted glasses..

I have now reached a time in my life where I know what kind of love I want in my life.

I want the love that friendships are built on

I want the love that is unconditional like I have for my children and grandchildren.

It’s still important to be attracted to one’s partner, to want them, but when it comes to saying ” I love you” it won’t be because I am in lust, it will be because I genuinely love you with the same unconditional love l have for everyone who I would give my life for.


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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