When l look into my mirror of life this is what l see

I see a woman who has tried to be the best she knows how to be.

I see a woman who has made many many mistakes in her life but has learnt and grown from them

I see a woman who has been the best mum she knew how to be but made many errors of judgement got it wrong but always believed that she was doing what was right at the time.

I see a woman who knows the pain of losing loved ones and the joy of the birth of the next generation.

I see the young girl still there still wanting to believe that there is a happy ever after, that there is a santa and still wants to cuddle her teddybear.

I see that young woman with the arrogance of youth who was going to conquer the world, and had all the answers…

I see the hurt of past relationships but also the joy of them.

I see the friendships of which l treasure and the sadness when a friendship is broken.

I see the trust the innocence that l once had and sadly no longer can give.

I see the a girl holding her first born in her arms and not quite believing that l had created life, l see the joy of when my 2nd son came along and the promise of a happy future.

I see the faces of those l have loved and lost my parents, my sister-in-law my friends all gone before their time.

I see the sadness that my mum and dad never got to see their great grandchildren.

I see a cocky confident woman who had the world by the balls…

I see what l have become, how l have been shaped by my life experiences my broken dreams, the paths my life has gone down..

But what l see most is that l have laughed more then l have cried, l have made mistakes but learnt from them, l have loved and been loved….

I see a future that will bring me happiness and pain hopefully more happiness then pain and sorrow.

I may not have set the world alight, l may not have achieved many of my dreams or goals, my life isn’t what l saw for myself..


I have had a wonderful life up to now


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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