This just a few I wrote these for friends and if they amuse you then feel free to adapt use corrupt in anyway you wish but I would ask if you republish elsewhere do say thanks…

Some are funny (well I think so)
Some are just to say hi.

I guess I kinda like you,
If I have sent this card.
I sorta have feelings,
But showing them is hard.
I really want to see ya,
Yet I’m so very shy,
I want to tell you who I am,
Yet I can’t however hard I try….

Every time I see you,
My heart begins to flutter,
Every time I speak to you,
I babble like a nutter…

I’d do it in the bathroom,
I’d do it on the floor,
I’d do it over the table,
Or up against the door.
I’d do it in the kitchen,
Or in the garden shed,
I’d do it anywhere you liked,
Especially in your bed.
Now I have your attention,
And everything is fine,
I only want to ask you,
To be my valentine.

I wish that you would know me,
Its unlikely that you do,
I’d like it to be different,
I wonder if you do too.

I want mirrors on the ceiling,
I want mirrors on the floor,
I want mirrors on the walls,
Plus a mirror on the door.
So that I can watch you,
See you from every angle,
Just so that I can perv
That lovely thing which can dangle.

Enter through the front door,
Enter through the back,
But which ever way you enter,
Let us please hit the sack…

Am I a stranger,
Am I a friend,
Will this card,
Send you round the bend,

I want to strip you naked,
To rip your clothes right off,
Play doctors where I place my hand,
And ask you please to cough…

Roses are red,
Leaves are green,
Me undressed,
A sight to be seen…

If I can’t have your mind,
If I can’t have your heart,
I know I can have,
That most intimate part.
You looked into my eyes,
And you could tell,
That at any time,
You could ring my bell.

I am an admirer,
Secret and true,
This card I sent,
Is from me to you.

I know I want you,
I know I do,
Except for the time,
When you had the flu.

leaves are green,
trees are wood,
In my bed,
You feel so good.


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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