I wrote and sent this for my Dad’s 50th birthday at the time he had cancer and HE died a few months later. It has been 29yrs now and think its time for me to share it. Its not Keats but its special to me…

his face is rugged and kinda lived in,
Guess that’s from all the battlin’.
He liked a drink did my old dad,
When he went out we were all glad.
He nagged and moaned about our ways,
But mum would say “Eric its just a faze!”
Dad always encouraged us to do what’s right,
Thanks to him we all saw the light.
Our Dad is funny and often cracked a joke,
Would lend us money when we were broke.
He give nicknames to all his kin,
Each name chosen specially by him.
He helped us through our growing years,
Chased away our fears and tears.
We’re all grown now with children of our own,
While you have us you will never be alone.
Dad I wish I could make the pain go away,
Well Dad just one more thing I need to say.

I love you…

still miss you dad after all this time…


Author: ladybabe2

Older no wiser lived laughed and cried about sums it all up x

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